The Great British Paint Off – Chris


This really was an army expansion of 2 halves. At the beginning of the project I confidently said to myself “Hey, what’s another 20 odd models, on top of the 160 I have already done. I can do that in my sleep!” The reality ended up being somewhat different as the end of the year started looming up on me and I couldn’t come up with a plan that I really liked.

Luckily for me fate (and friends) stepped in. Casey designed some bespoke decals for me, and had some cunning ideas on how to make it simpler for me to physically put some of the smaller decals on (by combining them on the sheet), whilst Adam Brooker pointed me in the direction of a decal printer here in the South Pacific.

With the decals in hand earlier this year the army finally started to come together. Looking back I rushed some aspects of the army so it isn’t as polished as I would like, but it is really to hit the tabletop and that’s the important thing right now!