The Great British Paint Off – Casey

Late last year we came up with  a simple plan – I quick Detour where the four of us would paint British forces as part of the Bulge: British release. These armies were meant to be quick and simple.

The often said phrase of “no plan survives contact with the enemy” has passed the test of time because it right. In this case our (seemingly) simple plan ended up with a myriad of hurdles that we never expected. None of them were hard to overcome, but as a team it meant that some of us took a lot longer than we expected…

The good thing about painting an army though is that even if it does take a bit longer than you expect, when it is finished and ready to hit the table you often forget the journey and look forward to the games you are going to play with it!

~Casey, Chris, Wayne and Victor

My original plan for this army was to just paint a fast, wargaming standard, force.

If I’d stuck to that plan I would have been home by Christmas, but no plan survives contact with the enemy.

Foolishly I thought I’d try doing some dust effects on one of the tanks in the spare platoon I was painting up, just to see what it looked like.

Even more foolishly, I showed Victor who started egging me on to do that to the whole army.

So an extra two months later and the army was finished. Looking back, I’m really happy that I spent the extra time on the army, as I’m more likely to play some games with it now than if I’d not put the extra effort in.